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Now that I had the idea for a film, and I also knew that I wanted to make a really good film, worthy of the subject matter, the name ERIC THIERMANN popped into my head.

I met Eric over 10 years ago when I lived in Santa Cruz. He was a very well established Oscar winning Director/Producer, and I was a volunteer at the Santa Cruz Film festival when I was introduced to him in the foyer of the movie theater. At the time I was working on a movie script about death and what happens to us when we die, and I waxed enthusiastic about it. “Its a good thing you’re not afraid to take on big subjects.” said Eric. Then he said something very strange, “We’re destined to work together.” he said. I had no response to that at the time, being utterly without film-making experience and at the tentative beginnings of my second script.

So here I am, 10 years later, now I have written that tentative script but my film career has not progressed much further than that, and I’m on my way to see Eric, because I wrote him an email and he said come on over.

I shared my ideas with him about this documentary about Iboga. He was encouraging but uninterested. He said he had many of his own projects. He lent me a camera from his huge tech warehouse, and sent me on my way, saying well you need to write an outline next.

So I wrote the outline. I sent it it Eric and I asked him if he would be willing to shoot just one segment and be a mentor to us. He said YES, and so suddenly this movie has legs. I’m stunned at the speed with which this ahas all happened. But I’m also not stunned. After all, didn’t he say that “We were destined to work together”? So here we are.

Meanwhile, the reason Eric said yes, is not because of his long-ago declaration which he doesn’t even remember making. He said yes, because on the same day that I had introduced him to what he called “yet another strange mind-expanding miracle drug” he went to a meeting at his mentor Paul lee’s house and the subject of ‘ibogaine’ came up again. Two times in one day! Serendipity strikes again.