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The golden door, in this case, is the Iboga Tabernathe tree, whose extract Ibogaine has the amazing property of interrupting opioid addiction and eliminating withdrawals in a single dose.

Iboga Saves Lives.

How does Ibogaine work in a single dose when traditional rehabs and therapies fail? The answer is simple. Addiction is neither a disease nor a choice, in the words of Dr. Gabor Mate, addiction expert. It is an attempt to self-medicate some underlying trauma. Ibogaine expands one’s consciousness in order to be able to ‘relive’ ‘reconcile’ and ‘heal’ this trauma. One becomes one’s own doctor and metaphysician.

Each one of us has this possibility of awakening to a higher, better, more coherent version of oneself, and this is the psychological transformation wrought by Iboga, and other such substances.

Plant medicines like Iboga/Ibogaine are called ‘psychedelics’ for a reason. ‘Psyche’ means soul, and no matter what one’s religious beliefs may or may not be, there exists an inner dimension to one’s relationship with self that is accessible through altering one’s consciousness by any means or molecule. It is the doorway to direct experience.

Plant medicines like Iboga Tabernathe act as chemical doorways that are instrumental to us being able to deal with the shadows and traumas of life on the psyche-spiritual level where the wound originates.

Tragically, illegal.

The tragedy of mothers losing sons to overdose, children being put on anti-psychotics, rising levels of depression, panic, anxiety, ptsd, and psychological distress, moral depravity, cultural destruction can all be attributed to this one thing– lack of legal access to the plants that are organic chemical cocktails designed by nature to put you directly in touch with your subconscious and superconscious. Just like food gives you nutrition for your body, certain plants give you nutrition for your mind and spirit.

We are dealing with 2,000 years of cultural prohibition, compounded by a set of antiquated U.S. laws made in the late 60s which lumped together shamanic substances (with a long history of medicinal use like Iboga), with untested synthetic psychedelics like LSD and mdma, and harmful narcotics like heroin and cocaine into a category called a ‘Schedule 1 Recreational’ Drug’ with severe criminal consequences for their use. Iboga is clearly mistakenly classified in this category.  Iboga saves lives! It should be made legal as soon as possible. A single dose addiction interruptor during an opioid epidemic is like penicillin during World War 1!

Not a recreational drug. A powerful medicine for soul-shock.

Evidence confirms that there is nothing recreational about an Ibogaine treatment. The experience lasts from 12-36 hours and is an in-patient procedure, either in a clinic or in a retreat center, either way with trained monitoring of vitals, along with preparation and after-care.

While it works on a physiological level to repair brain tissue and neurons, on a psyche-spiritual level, it often presents you with a starkly honest ‘life review’ that allows you to understand the roots of your illness or situation. For a person struggling for years with opioid addiction, its like they have become their own analyst, empowered to understand and instantly heal years of dysfunction.

Iboga jump-starts a paradigm shift. It’s up to you to integrate it.

They say that the Ibogaine chemistry remains in your system for 3 months, and during this time a recovered opioid addict must really put forth their best and most serious effort to integrate the teachings and opportunity provided by ibogaine, and to change the other ‘habits’ of behavior entrained by years of addiction, like lying, or manipulating others. It begins fundamentally with self-honesty.

For the interruption provided by ibogaine to become the end of the addiction requires massive life change on all levels, and for this, the recovering addict often needs assistance to help them make a plan and stay accountable to it. This person might be a professional like an integration coach, a family member, therapist, or sometimes a post-treatment stay in a resort-style clinic. But no matter what kind of assistance you get, as an addict, it is your journey, you are the wounded healer.

The final analysis

Iboga Tabernathe comes from Central Africa, in the Gabon district where it is still used today as a Rite of Passage (link to movie). The Bwiti think of it as the Tree of Life. The Ibogaine experience is a return to the root, not just the root cause of one’s problems, but the root source of one’s strength. This makes it a boon to humanity, especially during an opioid epidemic.

However, its illegal in the USA and few people have heard of it.

To remedy this…

Lakshmi Narayan of Awake Media and Eric Thiermann of Impact Creative have joined forces to launch a four-part campaign called IBOGA SAVES LIVES consisting of:

  • A documentary: Root to Liberation: Iboga, Addiction & the Law.
  • A phone petition signature app to change U.S. laws and Legalize Ibogaine
  • An ongoing educational social media campaign
  • A web directory of treatment providers at