There is a wild mare trapped in a cage,

circling round and round.

Man studies its tracks,

trying to understand what makes it move.


The Mare is the symbol of the Receptive, the female. The Feminine energy is soft and furious, and it circles round  and round in its cage of four dimensions. The Masculine is the structure of the cage, the boundary, that gives the form a pattern. Creation is a constant process of chaotic Yin energy forming into a circular pattern, the turning of the ages, the precession of the equinoxes, and then breaking its bounds again to begin the chase anew (the Taming of the Shrew). Structure marries Chaos. The feminine energy is serpentine, and slippery. The nature of the feminine Life force is evident in the nature of water, to which it is linked. Water has no shape, and can therefore assume any shape. It is clear, and can therefore reflect any image. It takes on the attributes of its environment.  The Masculine Creative Principle is invisible, but it is what gives Feminine Life energy form. The mind of God is genderless, but will be found within each one as the Father principle, who begat the Mother in one timeless reflexive instant. Nature patterns itself on this model, except for deviant Man, who is required to be not just instinctual, but intuitive, which calls for a meeting of the thinking (male) and feeling (female) functions. Once again, a union of opposites within. When this union is mirrored in the external world, sexual tension is a function of polarity, not duality.


The caduceus images a voluntary joining of these two forces. The two-headed snake, symbol of masculine and feminine energies wraps itself around the structure of the Pole/spine of consciousness, the central axis, to come face to face with itself. It eats itself and grows wings (ascends).


The caduceus is the symbol for healing. Rightly so. The feminine meets the masculine, and recognizes the source of support within. This finding of central support, the center of axis-tense, the spine, the will, the well, is a gesture that every man/woman makes within themselves. In finding this direct relationship to God, feminine energy which is by nature cloudy and formless, or watery and shapeless finds a Reason (RA-son) to be and shapes itself around the  Central Principal or Spirit.


Studying the tracks of the wild mare will tell you about what’s Dead. Gone. Past.


Moving into the Present is a leap astraddle the mare: a chaotic battle ensues between the male dominator and the wild feminine force, until a moment of union, surrender, victory, death-birth when mare and rider are as One.



If its true that we’re all male and female in equal parts–at any given time, one part invisible and the other visible, or some combination of that spectrum….

If its true that we live in a patriarchal culture…

Then it must be true that we are out of balance as a species, too male, too forceful, and that there is a need for reconciliation of the feminine within each Man,…and each Woman.

This doesn’t mean that we culturally should ‘switch camps’ and shift our allegiance to a world that is run by women. That would create its own kind of imbalance. Many women LIKE being women. The pressures of succeeding in the world of business has caused many women to de-feminize their expressions, to think, speak, walk, talk, act, and conduct their business in a way that has been prescribed by an out of balance, overly and overtly male culture. 

The Women’s Movement swung too far in the direction of vilifying Men, and soldierizing Women, but that was our first swing out of the batting cage, to use a male expression, at reconciling opposites, and we went to far in the other extreme.

The gender collective is now taking another swing at the issue of redressing cultural imbalance, but we now have to deal with the effects of a long misguided walk down the pathway of male and female expression.

Rebalancing is a paradign shift. It  cannot be done without embracing feminine qualities whether you are a Man or a Woman. Certain feminine acts of surrender, making way, allowing, accepting, embracing, stepping aside, going within. It’s an inner letting go, a silencing, a humbling, a reverence. Sublime is the wisdom of a united consciousness.

The full extension of the light principle creates EVE-ILL. The  EVE-ILL has its root in the use of force. Because we live in a patriarchal culture, and because ‘speaking out’ is in itself a male act, the woman’s point of view is ignored in matters of war, excess and violence, and most women, being women, will not force the issue. On the other side of the coin, the feminine within the heart is suppressed, leading to a diminishment of the feminine qualities in both Man and Woman, truly half our Nature is in the dark.

This suppression creates ‘EVE-ILL’ in the world.The solution is contained in just in the word itself.  EVIL. Stripped of centuries of projected horror onto the word, EVIL can simply be seen as ‘out-of-balance’ action.

To redress evil, find balance within your own 2 hemispheres, between the 2 aspects of your own being, invisible and visible, male and female, heart and mind, yin and yang, ego and spirit.

Find the Middle, and Eve will be well again.