$180.00 USD

Website Tune-Up
•Remove plugin incompatibilities
•Swap out outdated plugins with new ones
• Run speed checks
• Run security checks
• Update PHP version
• Make diagnostic recommendations if further work is needed
$35.00 USD

Creative Credits - Level 3 Tech Support Credits
Buy time-based credits that can be applied towards any Awake Tech Support that can be performed by a Level 3 tech. Unused credits rollover every month and can be tracked on your Customer Panel. Credits must be used within 12 months of purchase.
Awake Media is a coalition of independent media professionals working under the umbrella identity of awakening. We offer end-to-end digital media services including strategy, branding, logo design, web design and development, video production, animation and motion graphics, chalkboard animation, print design-- brochures, postcards, business cards, posters, event graphics, t-shirt design, book covers and interior formatting, social media marketing, blogging and social media posting, eCommerce installation, membership Directory, domain name registration, web hosting, website updates, security and maintenance.
Visit awakemedia.com/team to learn more
$150.00 USD

Site Migration to External Host
The Wordpress site we built for you will be packaged and migrated to the hosting company of your choosing.