Purchase Creative Credits for any Awake Media Services


You will be asked to select a specific team member during checkout. The initial consultation is free.

Brand Consultation
Creative Direction
Logo Design
WordPress Web Design & Development
Membership Platform Design and Launch
Course Creation
Event Brands
Conference Production
App Development
Brand Strategy
Content & Messaging Strategy
Website Design Storyboards
Site Formatting and Editing
Plugin Installation or Issues
Forms Creation
Post Formatting, Publishing
Misc Graphic Design Projects


Creative Credits can be applied towards any Awake Media Service listed below and can be purchased in unitss. EACH UNIT IS WORTH $25. The time value of the UNIT is determined by the task and the media professional providing the task.

High-level tasks like Creative Direction and Brand Strategy meetings are billed at 3-4 units per hour.

Design, development, logo design, video editing and other highly skilled tasks are billed at 2-3 units per hour

Production level tasks like on-site SEO, blog publishing, social media management, edits or formatting, adding product pages or other production tasks are billed at 1 unit per hour

Creative Direction 4 units/hr
Brand Strategy 4 units/hr
Logo Design 3 units/hr
Web UI Design 2 units/hr
WordPress Web Development 2 units/hr
Membership Platform Design 2 units/hr
App Development 2 units/hr
Course Creation 2 units/hr
Events & Conferences 1-2 units/hr
Ecommerce 1-2 units/hr
Films & Video 1-3 units/hr

Details will be requested during checkout.

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