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IBOGA SAVES is a media campaign to end the opioid addiction epidemic, consisting of a documentary, a phone petition app, a web directory and a blog series.

197 people are dying every day from opioid overdose, an unnecessary catastrophe because there is a way to interrupt and end opioid addiction. It’s a medicine called Ibogaine that comes from the root bark of the IBOGA tree. Thousands of people have been freed from opioid addiction in a single dose with no withdrawal symptoms. However, because of its legal status in the US, it is relatively unknown and Americans have to go overseas to find treatment.


Iboga Saves: Ending the Opioid Epidemic

a four-part Film & Media campaign by Awake Media & Impact Creative

1. A documentary: Root to Liberation

Academy award nominated filmmaker Eric Thiermann of Impact Creative has joined forces with Lakshmi Narayan of Awake Media to produce a documentary Root to Liberation: Iboga, Addiction & Law. We will follow the profound transformational recovery of opioid addicts being treated with Ibogaine and IBOGA in a therapeutic setting, both clinical and ceremonial, at different locations worldwide, while also shedding light on the social, political, medical, and spiritual situation that impacts IBOGA’S use for addiction recovery. LEARN MORE 

2. Reschedule Ibogaine Phone App

We’re raising funds to develop a phone petition signature app to influence U.S. lawmakers to reschedule Ibogaine so that those who need it can access treatment in the United States.

3. Web Directory of Treatment Providers

We’ve started an iboga blog and web directory of treatment providers worldwide here on If you are a treatment provider or integration coach/therapist and would like to be included apply here.

4. Social Media Awareness Campaign

An ongoing educational blog and video campaign to inform and educate about the benefits and best practices of IBOGA for opioid addiction. Posts will include personal accounts, treatment best practices integration guidelines and legal and social issues.


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We can only take it so far on our own dime

The IBOGA SAVES campaign needs to reach millions — addicts, their families, friends, the medical community and lawmakers. Your tax-deductible donation will save lives and end the opioid addiction epidemic