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One of the reasons Ibogaine is so effective at helping addicts overcome addiction is the way it works on dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. When dependent on drugs or alcohol, these “feel good” centers in the brain can become severely altered and create extreme imbalance in the mind and one’s emotional state. Ibogaine, however, has an unprecedented positive effect on these neurotransmitters and can truly help one regain the balance they’ve lost due to addiction.

Dopamine is what’s responsible for the elating feelings life is often filled with. When we feel extremely motivated, experience doing something we really enjoy, or fall in love, dopamine is playing a major role. When dopamine levels are off in the brain, we end up feeling depressed and lack the energy to do much of anything.

Serotonin is the other “feel good” chemical in the brain. This is one that basically helps us function and cope with daily life. It regulates our sleep and helps us to relax. Serotonin is also what’s responsible for helping us recharge and face life…whatever it may bring. It helps us feel wellbeing and is responsible for a content state of mind.

As one of the most difficult addictions to treat, opioid dependency has become an epidemic in recent years…and is one many people are losing their lives to. Because Ibogaine shows such unprecedented results in readjusting the chemistry of the brain that has been damaged due to heavy addiction, it makes an excellent choice for those lost in the battle to heroin or opioid addiction (where serotonin is undoubtedly impaired). With brain chemistry reset back to a pre-addicted state, it’s much easier to do the rest of the work necessary to overcome the cycle of addiction for good.

Because of its ability to work so closely with the damage that has been done in the mind, Ibogaine is also excellent for the repercussions of damaged dopamine receptors from drugs like cocaine and meth. With dopamine levels restored, readjusting to life without drugs that increase dopamine becomes something that can actually be tolerated by the addict.

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