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Entheogenic Treatments: Clinical or Shamanic, Journey Guidance, Entheogenic Integration and/or Aftercare, Complementary Modalities: Nutrition, Detox, Breathwork, Yoga, Massage, Energywork, Sound Healing etc

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Cannabis Ceremony Guide, Psilocybin Practitioner, Journey Music & Sound Healing, Entheogenic Practitioner, Integration Provider, Trauma Treatment, Retreat Center, Podcast Host, Psychonaut

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Host of “Meet me in the Mushroom”

Visionary Medicine Woman, Wise Woman, Ban Draoi


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Explore, Empower & Transform

My therapeutic facilitation challenges the boundaries of well-being, supporting the evolution of mind, body & spirit.

Combining my expertise in Applied Psychology (MA) with coaching, alongside mindfulness, breath work and shamanic pathways, my work offers a multi-faceted pathway towards accessing your highest potentials. Currently I am pursuing a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology, with the California Integral Institute, taking my wisdom base to the next level in my efforts to support those that I work with.

My practice is a liminal and transpersonal space built upon intuition, curiosity, authenticity, non-duality and embodied awareness. Together we harness optimal and transcendent states on the road towards truly transformational living.

The heart of my work is primarily built upon the craft of the Visionary Medicine woman, and I identify as an Gaelic Ban Draoi. Variant spellings for the name Druid include ’Draoi’ (pronounced Dree). The term Ban Draoi refers to the female Druids and Priestess of Ancient Ireland. My unique pathway encompasses my Gaelic lineage. A daughter within a long line of magical women, I have been raised with intuitive awareness and understanding of our connection to the subtle energy realms.

The mystics of Ireland, have long held the knowledge of the sacred healing modalities and this pathway remains open to those that hear the call. The legacy of the Ban Draoi scales through time embodying the Druidic Priestess, the Seer, Wise Woman, and the Witch. This is a nature path, built upon a rhythm of magick, healing, and wisdom. A lineage passed down through the Gaelic bloodlines and preserved within the sacred trees and master plants of the land.

A core mission of my company DRAOI is the exploration of Western European ways of crafting with plant allies, while harnessing the energies of the divine feminine. Here witchcraft is an essential element in understanding the deeper layers of Europe’s shamanic lineages. The role of the feminine as an intermediary between the divine and the natural world is a central force that is honoured within many ancient ritualistic traditions. This is an art that is returning to the landscape as we seek out ways of healing our relationship with the earth. Witch, Volva, Seiðr, Draoi, Oracle, Wu, Wise Woman, the many faces of the divine feminine.

Let’s Grow together

– Cathy Coyle


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