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Media & Web Services: Writing, Web Dev, Video, Content Creation, Tech Support, Design, Marketing

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Writer, Artist or Illustrator, Film-maker, Graphic Designer, Podcast Host, Psychonaut, Curious

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Cheshire Corners is a new series on everything psychoactive, entheogenic, and psychedelic! First and foremost, our goal is to educate the public on the historical, cultural, scientific, religious, and other facets of life that psychoactive substances touch. Cheshire Corners is produced through the Yuma Way Cannabis Company, and is filmed in Denver, CO at The Coffee Joint, the state’s first legal cannabis consumption lounge- come on by if you ever want to see the actual corner which we use to shoot every episode! New episodes every Tuesday at 4 PM MST. Check us out at @cheshirecorners on Tik Tok and Instagram for more updates and behind-the-scenes content! Cheshire Corners, Yuma Way Cannabis Company, The Coffee Joint, and all affiliates do not facilitate, participate in, or condone the illegal manufacturing, possession, and/or sale of controlled substances of any kind. The content on this channel is purely for research, informational, educational, and/or entertainment purposes.


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Executive Producer, Cocreator, and Host of Cheshire Corners. Focusing on developing art- and entertainment-centered productions, scripts, and designs, both live and filmed. Currently seeking artists and organizational opportunities that want to utilize my creative attributes, outgoing nature, leadership qualities, technical experience, and attention to detail in order to produce unique projects. Excelling in both personal content production and the large-scale organization of entertainers, artists, and events.

Check out Cheshire Corners at and at @cheshirecorners on Instagram and Tik Tok. You can see more of my personal work and story at


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Cheshire Corners