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Like James Brown is the Godfather of Soul music, Dana Beal is the Godfather of the modern Marijuana and Ibogaine legalization movement.

For more than half a century Dana has invested his entire adult life speaking truth to the people as well as power. Many hemp heroes have learned from and were promoted by Dana, like the activist and author of the book THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES, Jack Herer.

Since the early 1970’s, Dana’s been marshaling thousands, hundreds of thousands over the decades to march down 5th Avenue in NYC and beyond in his Global Marijuana March, which was originally called May Day and then the Million Marijuana March, annually the first Saturday in May.

What seemed impossible in the last century is now close to legalized throughout the land in great part thanks to Dana’s focused works. Male hemp, female cannabis and trans plants are about to be free. If there is anything you can to do move this process forward, do it now.

Dana has already went to prison, died and came back from a heart attack, serves as an organizer and speaker on the issue of legalizing nature and after all that pain and sacrifice, while still being a powerful presence in the marijuana movement.

In the 1980’s Dana’s friendship with Ibogaine Innovator Howard Lotsoff expanded his consciousness to include the TI plant in their mission to make nature legal again. The two men (plus their support teams) took their positions, Howard dove into the science and Dana into the streets with the message that nature has provided us with the solution to our drug addiction problem, clinically administered Ibogaine, which is legal in many countries. Given the dynamics of our climate crisis emergency, we need all hands on deck, now.  Ibogaine can help return many lost souls to the mission of peace on earth.

Dana teaches the need for us to change our way of living now. We’ve made nature illegal and cry about being in an environmental crisis. We’ve made the peace pipe illegal and whine about war and violent crime. We jail or worse people for interacting with plants, like what happened to Dana, then publicly wonder why we have fools in charge.

Here’s some links to Dana’s work

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Here in the USA, the House of Representatives recently passed a marijuana legalization bill which is on its way to the Senate. We can see the Promised Land from here, i.e. being free to smoke a joint when we want to.

Like the biblical Moses led his people to the Promised Land of milk and honey, Dana is leading the world to the next Promised Land of milk and honey and weed.


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