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Preparation, Detox, and Precare, Entheogenic Treatments: Clinical or Shamanic, Journey Guidance, Entheogenic Integration and/or Aftercare

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Non-Profit, Ketamine Clinic, Entheogenic Practitioner, Integration Provider, Addiction Recovery, Trauma Treatment, Psychonaut


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My name is Elizabeth Hoke, I am grateful to be a part of this community.  I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in both Oregon and California.  I specialize in somatic psychotherapy, treating clients from a holistic and mindfulness perspective. I have over 12 years of experience with recovery, and 10 years of experience working in community mental health at a nonprofit called the Liberation Institute (  I believe strongly that mental health is a basic human right, not a privilege and have committed my life to helping when I can.

After experiencing trauma and addiction from a very early age, I turned to psychedelic medicine and psychotherapy to help me break the pattern of abusing substances and destroying myself. Grateful for what I felt was a second chance at life, I developed a passion for being an advocate for recovery work and am committed to helping create equitable mental health and recovery services for all.

I use a mix of theoretical tools rooted in somatic psychology, psychedelic medicine, and eastern philosophies to treat issues with addiction, depression, anxiety, grief, and loss. I work wit Dr. Steve Rosonke, co-facilitating psychedelic psychotherapy sessions using ketamine at Rainfall Medicine (  I also supports clients through preparation and integration work.      

I helped create a psilocybin facilitator training program in Oregon called Earth Medicine Center. ( The program focuses on understanding and working with psilocybin from an ecological perspective. It emphasizes a relational framework that attends to preparation, experiencing the fungi and integrating the experience into work with clients, and is grounded in an intentional connection between humans, beings other-than-humans and specifically, the psilocybin fungi. We share the premises that human behavior is always relational and is embedded first and foremost in the networks of life that sustains us on our planet; and that human behavior occurs within family, social, and cultural contexts.

I care deeply about the wellness of our community and am committed to supporting the collective mental health. I strive to greet each day with optimism in hopes that it will ripple out and impact everyone around me. I also work hard to be the best mother I can to my three children so that they grow up to be caring, impactful humans who strive to make the world a better place. 


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Liberation Institute


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(503) 836-7350 ext 777