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Preparation, Detox, and Precare, Entheogenic Treatments: Clinical or Shamanic, Journey Guidance, Entheogenic Integration and/or Aftercare, Complementary Modalities: Nutrition, Detox, Breathwork, Yoga, Massage, Energywork, Sound Healing etc

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Psilocybin Practitioner, Non-Profit, Integration Provider, Psychonaut

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I am co-founder of Psanctuary, Sacred Mushroom Church. I have over 20 years experience as a sacred mushroom cultivator, administrator and facilitator.


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I have been studying and cultivating psilocybin and other medicinal mushrooms for more than twenty years.

The bulk of my experience is in facilitating therapeutic/spiritual experiences for others, particularly newcomers to psilocybin. Having worked with more than 1000 individuals and cultivated hundreds of pounds of psilocybin mushrooms, I humbly acknowledge that I have a vast amount of experience and expertise to offer the field and am currently available for consulting on these aspects and more of psilocybin wellness outside of Jamaica.

After earning a Bachelor’s in English Literature and Master’s in Education at The University of Louisville, I worked as middle school English teacher at Nativity Academy for five years. During all of this time I was a gourmet mushroom enthusiast, collector and to some degree cultivator. I began commercial cultivation of gourmet mushrooms in 2009 with Magnificent Mushrooms in Paoli IN.

In 2012 I began exploring the possibilities of working in psychedelic research and therapy.  The benefits of Psilocybin,  when applied in a directed and intentional manner became overwhelmingly clear and I conceived MycoMeditations to offer therapeutic psilocybin sessions  in a safe and legal setting. In 2013 I led my first MycoMeditations retreat. The foundation of MycoMeditations success was the friendship and cooperation with my Jamaican friends that I met in 2002.

In 2015 I was arrested at my farm for providing psilocybin therapy to community members.

After my arrest I doubled down on psilocybin wellness with increased visibility around MycoMeditations and the formation of the 501c3 PLEDG INC. (Psilocybin Liberation Education Discipline and Guidance) The mission of PLEDG is to provide scholarships for psilocybin therapy to the financially challenged. Our target demographics are specific but encompass a huge population in great need, the African Diaspora and First Responders.

In my seven years as founder and majority shareholder at MycoMeditations I administered over 3000 doses of psilocybin. This service to the mushroom and to my fellow human on our journey of healing and self discovery could not be more rewarding nor full of adventure.

I am now focusing these efforts in the United States through the founding of Psanctuary: The Sacred Mushroom Church, More Than Integration a paradigm shifting psychedelic coaching program and Psilocybin Says a lifestyle podcast centered around you guessed it….psilocybin for self improvement.


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Psanctuary Church