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Preparation, Detox, and Precare, Entheogenic Treatments: Clinical or Shamanic, Journey Guidance, Entheogenic Integration and/or Aftercare, Complementary Modalities: Nutrition, Detox, Breathwork, Yoga, Massage, Energywork, Sound Healing etc

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Psilocybin Practitioner, Ayahuasca Ceremony Guide, Iboga Ceremony, Entheogenic Practitioner, Integration Provider, Ibogaine Clinic, Addiction Recovery, Trauma Treatment, Retreat Center, Business Consultant

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Tabula Rasa Retreat has paved the way to become Europe’s Preferred Ibogaine Treatment Centre


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Alvaro de Ferranti
Graduated in 1991, with a BA (Hons) in Business Studies at the University of East London, Álvaro is the chairman of three eponymous brands, and successful businesses, operating in the interiors and architectural sectors in the very heart of London. Álvaro de Ferranti, born in London, United Kingdom, in the early 70’s, spent much his childhood in Portugal and his adult working life in the UK since the late 80’s, having recently emigrated to Portugal with his wife and two children.
Having learned of Iboga in 2013, and discovered its benefits personally, Álvaro embarked on the arduous task of trying to organise clinical trials with Ibogaine HCL in Portugal. The whole team, from a reputable manufacturer with a solid protocol, Principal Investigator, CRO, Project Managers and a first class clinic, were all assembled. Unfortunately, he was unable to embark upon this mammoth task due to regulatory and financial restraints. The lessons are invaluable as well as the world class protocol he developed to enable a fully fledged ibogaine trial in a suitable regulatory and licensed environment.
In addition, Álvaro presented Iboga and Ibogaine to Dr. João Goulão, the national drug coordinator for Portugal and the head of SICAD (The General Directorate for Intervention on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies). Alvaro is also a regular speaker on the entheogenic conference and addiction / rehab circuit.
Álvaro has a keen interest in the therapeutic benefits of Iboga, and other entheogens. Especially, the part they play with arresting addiction to harmful substances and behaviours. More importantly, his focus is on holistic, consistent and compassionate aftercare.

Alvaro and Claire de Ferranti are co-owners and founders of the visionary Tabula Rasa Retreat in Portugal which was has become recognised as one of the world leaders in Ibogaine treatments with a strong emphasis on pre-care and integration. The business was created as a pilot study in Portugal with a vision for multiple sites offering multidimensional modalities within the wellness, addiction and mental health sector.


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