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Rick Doblin, Founder of MAPS
The key initiator of the 21st century psychedelic renaissance will speak about the opportunity for reflection during a pandemic and discuss the question
What Makes It a Renaissance?



Each presentation is under 8 minutes

founder, White Whale Creations

lakshmi narayan awake board president 03

Lakshmi Narayan
Awake co-founder, executive director
An Answer to the Social Dilemma:
Awake's social impact network for the entheogenic community and the FEAT Fund for Entheogenic Addiction Treatment.

jeffrey kamlet md round 03

Jeffrey D. Kamlet, MD
Awake board/medical advisor, FEAT Program

Ibogaine, the Heroic Dose for Addiction Recovery
Kamlet Safety Protocols, and Upcoming Medical Research at Stanford.

talia eisenberg

Talia Eisenberg
Awake board, Ibogaine evangelist and entrepreneur.

A Unique Approach to Addiction Recovery with Entheogens.

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Dr. Sunil Aggarwal
co-founder, AIMS Institute
AIMS vs DEA Lawsuit for End-of-life Psilocybin Relief and AIMS Entheogenic Cancer and Social Equity Treatment Fund.

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Dr. Leanna Standish
co-founder, AIMS Institute, Sacred Medicines PBC

Beyond Tribalism: Creating Access for All Humans, an Ecological Imperative.

daniel shortt board member 03

Daniel Shortt
Awake board, Attorney, Green Light Law Group

The Legal Future of Entheogens: Lessons Learned from Cannabis.

andrew deweese 03

Andrew DeWeese
Awake legal counsel, Partner, Green Light Law Group

Oregon Measure 109 and How It Can Help Psychedelic Facilitators as a Profession.

eric swensonboard members 03

Eric Swenson,
Awake board, writer, editor, activist.
The Promise of Sacred Garden Community and Seattle’s Holly House.

shonagh home round 03

Shonagh Home
Awake board, shamanic therapist.

Facilitating One-on-One Awakenings.


john rapp 03

John Rapp
Awake board, Entheogenic lawyer.

What Decriminalization Means to You.

Cathy coyle 03

Cathy Coyle
Awake board, shamanic therapist.

Integrating Shamanic Wisdom with Therapeutic Practice.

jack cross 06

Jack Cross
Awake co-founder, poet

Entheogens and the Geometric Structure of the English/Latin Alphabet.

We hope to see you there!


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