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Altered State 2020 Letterman Jacket


Premium quality wool / leather varsity jackets with made from virgin wool and real leather sleeves.

Fulfilled by Stagwears

Stagwears is known for its superior quality service in custom varsity jackets, custom letterman jackets, custom fleece hoodies and satin jackets. They use 100% virgin wool and genuine cowhide leather to produce all our custom varsity jackets. Their wool is 100% virgin and fresh. It lasts for years. They ship thousands of varsity jackets throughout the world including USA, Canada & Australia. FB

Proceeds go to the Iboga Saves documentary and media campaign

All proceeds from the sale of this item go to the Iboga Saves is a movie and a movement to spread the word and change the law around Iboga, the plant medicine from Africa that can interrupt opioid addiction and promote true recovery in just one treatment without withdrawals. To learn more visit



The Sign in the Design

Seems simple enough. Obvious,… to the ordinary mind, but an esoteric peek beneath the surface illustrates the Divine complexity of altered states of consciousness. Extraordinary states require an extra-ordinate!
Commune with me. Notice the Theo in theory.
Etymologist refer to the first letter of the English/Latin A-lphabet as an “OX head,” because it first appeared upside down and tilted to the right and they thought the legs looked like horns, thus, the “OX head” was born.
The ‘A’ is a pictogram of the human pine-A-L gland, a cone, the Cone of Con-sci-ousness. ‘SCI’ means ‘to know’. The ‘L’ is the upper-right quadran-T of a cross used to organize spatial relationships inside one’s pineal. Together they form the ‘AL/LA’ morpheme. A ‘morpheme’ is defined as “the smallest unit of letters that have intrinsic meaning.” ‘Intrinsic’ means ‘within’. The ‘mean’ of mean-ing, in Mathematics, means ‘middle’, and middle has no meaning without a set of coordinates, hence, the ‘T’ of AL-T-er-ed and altar, an in-T-er-section of vertical and horizontal coordinates.
The quadration of space came from squin-T-ing at ligh-T. UL-T-i-mate-ly, psychologically, we are archetypally crucified on a cross made of light inside our own mind, inside our pineal gland, in the Metaphysicians’ “Seat of the Soul.” The ‘A’ and the ‘L’ of the ‘AL’ morpheme are pictograms of THE Compass and Square, “instruments of measurement… belonging to a carpenter.” Got wood?
The shape of the words ALTERED STATE are in the form of a vesica piscis, ‘the bladder of a fish’. It is the intersection, and Child, of two circles. In the background is the Universal Symbol of Medicine, the Caduceus, a Wizard’s winged wand entwined by two serpents. 2020 is the year, and 20/20 is our vision. The font is collegiate. Green is the color of in-it-i-ate-tion and white is the color of the Sacred Masculine, of purity, of surrender.

purple varsity alt state front

BEHOLD THE ‘J’ of Journey!

Jewel begins with a ‘J’.
We smoke a ‘J’. ‘J-oin-T begins with a ‘J’ and ends with a ‘T’, an intersection of vertical and horizontal coordinates. ‘J-ay walking’ is ‘crossing without authority’. We are ‘J-aded’, a pe-J-orative.
The Tenth Letter of the English/Latin Alphabet is an Axis/Access Pole, a Third Ordinate, extra-pole-lated to exist, inside the ‘A’ …of Axis Mundi, the World Tree or the World Mountain. We pro-J-ec-T. The French added the minuscule in the Middle Ages, a symbol of Return. It’s the Pharaohs Crook, also the Shepherds. In ancient Egypt, the Crook was the Supreme Symbol of Religious Authority. Still is.
Yellow is the color of The Middle Way. The color purple is a combination of blue, the color of heaven, and red, the fullest extension of the Light Principle. The sleeves are embroidered with tryptamines and alkaloids.






To learn more about the meaning inherent in the shapes of the English/Latin alphabet click here.


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