Pioneers in the field of addiction and trauma recovery. We help our clients to move past recovery and be recovered.
The Sanctuary at Sedona is a holistic, residential, non-12 step addiction recovery and trauma healing center, specializing in addictions of all types, depression, trauma, anxiety, and PTSD. We are pioneers in the field of addiction recovery, being the first treatment center for over a decade to use a holistic integrative approach. Science-Based Recovery Program, Integrative, Holistic Approach, Trauma-Focused, Resolving Root Causes, Brain Upgrade Protocols, Immune System Restoration Small, Private, Intimate, Most Effective Continuing Care, 22 Acre Campus, Designed for Recovery, Private Luxury Accommodations, The Best Organic Gourmet Food Available, Expert Practitioners in Energy Medicine, Licensed Independent Behavioral Health Professionals specializing in addiction, trauma, dual diagnoses, psychiatry, and functional medicine. IV Therapy, NAD+, Ketamine, and other Immune boosting vital nutrients to help restore harmony and balance quickly and efficiently to feel good and function properly.

Our 30-day, residential drug, and trauma rehab program combines leading-edge science from western medicine with ancient wisdom and healing modalities in a way that delivers measurable results. The Sanctuary at Sedona does not advocate the use or non-use of antidepressants or other pharmaceutical medications. We do advocate the integration of holistic healing combined with cutting-edge psychotherapy, and neutraceuticals sometimes in combination with prescribed medications as recommended by our expert licensed psychiatrists and functional medicine physicians and practitioners. Our holistic program treats the whole person – mind, body, soul, and spirit by addressing the root causes and trauma behind the addiction, rather than following a disease model of symptom management.