There's no way out but "en"

An introduction to by Lakshmi Narayan and Jack Cross


“High Consciousness, as opposed to low, is the game changer of personal and collective development, of social responsibility, of a culture with reverence for environmental integrity in a finite biological system. We must ascend to the forbidden heights of our own consciousness and flow from the well of our Infinite Being, we must awaken virally, exponentially, and NOW.” -Jack Cross co-founder is envisioned as a gathering place for the entheogenic community to manifest the Mind in all its articulations and to help quicken a transformation in human consciousness and culture. Our subject matter is spiritual awakening, an ecological imperative.

Our focus is on the inner journey, particularly the insights gained at the intersection of language and entheogens. We aim to re-present the archetypal landscape, the revelation, healing, transcendence, awakening, inner-dimensional encounters and spiritual wisdom it yields, presented in short video chronicles.

If you have had a profound healing or mystical experience on a journey with a plant sacrament, or by any other means, we invite you to share your insights on so that others can discover what’s available to us as a species for our own transformation.

Did you have an epiphany during an entheogenic journey? What truths did you perceive? How did it change your “ideas” about God and your perception of reality? Share your insights on

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