You Were Born for These Times

by Shonagh Home

“I’m surrounded by people telling me these are the end of days. I’m surrounded by people telling me that statistically there’s no way out. Do you think I’m gonna take that remotely seriously? No. Because life is more magical than that. Stories are far more unexpected than that. And whilst I think it is utterly appropriate to bend our heads to the grief of our time, I’m not as a father going to be telling my children any time soon that all is doomed. That’s too morose a timeline for me. . . I tell the kids, whoever they are, whatever age, YOU WERE BORN FOR THESE TIMES!

God almighty, this is like you’re sitting at Camelot’s table. This is the moment to take courage, to raise yourself, to proceed with a degree of urgency, with a sense of humor, but to know that the mechanics of this time, the quests of this time, are utterly mythical in nature.”

~Martin Shaw, mythologist

I could not agree with Martin Shaw more. And welcome to 2021. And as an old warrior for wisdom and truth, I am not going down on my knees.

So, while the majority of folks have been glued to their televisions and social media platforms steeped in fear porn and marching in lockstep to the narrative with unquestioning compliance, I have long ago eschewed the propaganda machine to focus solely on my work with weekly retreat guests. My quest if you will, is to place my attention on the infinite genius of heart, mind and soul and I am witness to the innate ability of individuals to overcome, heal and grow, and step forth empowered. That is our birthright and there has been many a mythical story about overcoming destructive forces whether they be physical/mental/emotional challenges or a threat to the very soul of earth’s people.

We can achieve unlimited success on every level by turning off the mind control and reclaiming the fertile ground of our mind/body/spirit and our innate connection to Nature and the great Genius behind it.

I wrote in my April newsletter that this time we are in will birth “entrepreneurs and heroes” and we are going to need both. Martin Shaw’s reference to Camelot’s table stirred my heart, as I have made a study for the last several years of natural law, the principles of which have enhanced my life with their timeless wisdom. Camelot inspires the quest for truth, beauty and excellence. I look now at the manipulation of the masses by the few billionaires in power and I want to shake each and every person who is ushering in the dystopian ‘great reset” with their ignorance and blind trust.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, we are witnessing the onslaught of worldwide Communism as fundamental rights are being savaged in the name of the public good. The modern-day Carl Marx, Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum has been quoted saying, “You will own nothing and you will be happy.”  Former HUD secretary and whistleblower, Catherine Austin Fitts, lays out the scheme brilliantly in this interview for those interested:

What Catherine doesn’t cover is jurisdiction. In law, Public and Private can’t mix. The Public is government, which is corporate in nature – a fictional entity – and the Private is the living man or woman. A maxim of scripture says, “Unequal things ought not to be joined.” Yet government wants to rule over our bodies and our minds and exercise jurisdiction over every facet of our existence.

I know many people who are understandably concerned about not having a choice regarding the sanctity of their body, as governments around the world begin a campaign of what will be eventual forced vaccination. We perish for our lack of knowledge and for me, that knowledge is the very foundation of Camelot, the principles of Truth that ensure mankind’s ability to live freely and in peace. The ancient Celts, my people, cherished sovereignty and for good reason because to live as someone’s slave is to be less than human.

The subject of jurisdiction is too vast for this newsletter but it is an ancient one and goes back to Rome and beyond. I have directed numerous folks to the following website to read in its entirety:  This site provides potential remedy for those desiring to leave the public and enter the private.

Those interested would also be well served to read this superb book, which took me a while to find online:

A maxim of law says, “As a thing is bound, so it is unbound.” It is we, the People, who must rise up and unbind the Gordian knot of manipulation to reclaim our sovereignty as our ancestors once cherished. We are truly in mythic times and fear dissolves in the face of reason, knowledge and understanding. If I could title this modern myth we are living I would call it “The Great Awakening Versus The Great Reset.” Indeed, good reader, you were born for these times!

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