115 people a day are dying of opioid overdose because they have never heard about ‘ibogaine’ an extract from the ‘iboga tree root’ that actually interrupts addiction with just one dose, with few or no withdrawals. It’s an addiction epidemic, and yet, no one knows about it, and it remains an illegal psychedelic drug.

This documentary will explore what iboga is, how it heals addiction, and what the laws are around its use.

This information can help save lives, that’s why we’re rushing to make this film in record time. Please help us.

Root to Liberation will shine a light on the crisis of the prescription-induced addiction epidemic, the failure of the current system to address it, as well as the solution that Tabernathe Iboga – the entheogenic root bark from Central Africa –  represents for healing.

Although illegal in the United States, Iboga and its alkaloid extract iIbogaine have been used for hundreds of years by the Bwiti tribe for initiation ceremonies. In the 20th and 21st century in the western world, Ibogaine has been successfully used to interrupt and end opioid addiction–with few or no withdrawals– and this makes it a boon to addicts, many of whom overdose and die willingly because they can’t beat the addiction. Many thousands of lives have been saved and reclaimed through Ibogaine treatment.

The tragic fact is that most of the 60,000+ people gripped by opioid addiction have never even heard of Iboga or ibogaine. This is a story that needs to be told to a mainstream audience. With more than 115 deaths a day according to the Center for Disease Control, rapidly rising rates of homelessness, crime, dysfunction, and heartbreak due to addiction, raising awareness about this subject should be a priority. Imagine if the needless deaths of more than 41,000 people a year in the US could be averted.

We will explore the medical model with the extract Ibogaine, the sacramental model with Iboga the root bark, and the issues around legality, economics, and social integration.  We will follow practitioners, shamans, and patients from California to Cape Town.

We will also explore the journey of Kevin and Ty, two former long-term addicts who are in the process of healing themselves of trauma and addiction with Ibogaine and are determined to help fellow addicts by facilitating Iboga recovery. The medical model is extremely difficult to implement because of legal and geographic restrictions, so they are considering applying for a DEA exemption to open one of the first Bwiti churches in the US and be able to administer Iboga to addicts in a ceremonial setting. In the context of their journey we will explore whether the spirit of the First Amendment, Freedom of Religion, is still being upheld by the laws in our society.