AIMS Institute Patient Financial Aid Application Form

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The Advanced Integrative Medical Science (AIMS) Institute in Seattle is a multi-specialty teaching clinic and research institute founded in 2018 offering cutting edge care in oncology, psychiatry, neurology, rehabilitation, pain, and palliative care. We provide coordinated, team-based care by licensed and board-certified allopathic medical and psychiatric specialists, specialized naturopathic physicians, psychotherapists, advanced practice and registered nurses, a social worker, and targeted health educators, with the majority of care covered by insurance, including Medicare. Additionally incorporated are novel ‘advanced’ approaches, such as entheogen-assisted psychotherapy using ketamine and hopefully soon psilocybin, medical cannabis education, sympathetic ganglion blocks, and advanced intravenous therapies which are generally considered experimental and uncovered by insurance. AIMS Institute is working with our partners and the U.S. FDA and DEA towards conducting the first human study of ayahuasca tea therapy in the U.S. and is petitioning the DOJ/DEA in Court for access to psilocybin under the Right-to-Try law. AIMS Institute conducts IRB-approved prospective clinical outcomes studies to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of our therapy programs. We are excited to improve the reach of our patient care and research mission by asking for your donation to our Social Equity Entheogenic Care Fund. This Financial Aid application for prospective patients helps us assure our fund provides support for those most in need.