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Introduction to

What is real communication? What is real communion? Where is real community? I fumble for a way to speak about a subject that has become demonized and criminalized for such a long time, in fact, from the Beginning of Time, that we call a sacrament a ‘drug’ and have...

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A Journey in Word by Jack Cross, Part 2, The Spell in ‘Spelling’

Words are spelled. Spells are cast, and a spell is a period of Time. ‘VV’ or ‘UU’, is ‘W’, (the doUble yoU), male and female,  Innerchi in Matter, in Plane Cartesian Geometry, designated ‘Y’ and ‘X’ and the ‘-ORD’ of Word and Lord is from ORD-inate. In Genetics, ‘Y’...

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A Journey in Word by Jack Cross, Part 1, At-ten-tion

It is customary in the mind-manifested world to speak of Set, Setting and Intention, but I would like to begin with something you'll need to bring with you on your journey in Word, ATTENTION, and ones ability to pay with it. Intention is very close, cut from the same...

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The Millionth Buddha

Maybe there's a quickening, a hundredth monkey, a millionth Buddha. Maybe its you, maybe its me.... Who do you say that I am? I am awake. In unison, I am awake. . . .  ...

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