The Filmmakers

Lakshmi Narayan,
Producer & Director

Lakshmi Narayan is the founder and Creative Director of Awake Media, a San Diego based company dedicated to using media to raise consciousness, particularly about the power of entheogens (aka psychedelics) to awaken and heal. She comes from a 35-year background in communications design, and has helped many psychedelic-related organizations brand themselves so that they can gain credibility with a mainstream audience, including MAPS, the Psychedelic Science Conference, Timothy Leary Trust, Women’s Visionary Congress, and others. Her interest and knowledge about Ibogaine and Iboga and their power to heal has come from both personal experience and from having created brands and websites for ibogaine clinics and addiction recovery coaching clients. As the parameters of the problem became clear, she could see that there was a message that was ripe for dissemination to a wider audience. It’s a little bit like a fuel-economy car being big news during an oil embargo. Iboga is big news during an addiction epidemic.

“I started Awake Media in 2010 with the goal of making movies that could transform, but the technologies, myself, and perhaps the audiences too needed to mature more before I could venture forth to do so. Now, after 35 years of media experience, 20+ years of psychedelic journeying, and a broad understanding of the social, political and spiritual dimensions of this subject, I’m ready to make this documentary!”

Eric Thiermann,
Producer & Director of Photography

Eric Thiermann is a film director, cinematographer, producer, screenwriter, and founder of a Santa Cruz based media production company IMPACT CREATIVE.  During his 40-year career, Thiermann made numerous documentaries covering a wide range of socially and politically relevant subjects, from domestic violence to environmental stewardship.

A recipient of the independent filmmakers grant from The American Film Institute, he completed a series on artists in maximum-security prisons for PBS (Prison Art, and Art and the Prison Crisis). In 1979 he produced/directed and shot The Last Epidemic: Medical Consequences of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear War, recognized by Life Magazine as the most influential nuclear documentary of its time. He followed it with In the Nuclear Shadow exposing the psychological effects of nuclear war on children. It was shown on Capitol Hill to members of Congress and nominated for an Academy Award. In 1986, he shot Women for America, which received the Academy Award for best documentary short documentary.

Thiermann has taught film production, film analysis and screen writing at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and social documentary film production at UC Santa Cruz. His company, IMPACT CREATIVE covers a wide range of projects from corporate videos commissioned by Cisco, Seagate, HP, Google, to scores of documentaries on art and adventure.  He works and lives in Santa Cruz. His company Impact Creative is on the cutting edge of new media technologies including 3D animation, VR and gaming.

Simon Anderson, associate producer

Simon Anderson (aka Sy Tzu) has had a long journey with entheogenic medicine plants and fungi and Iboga is his primary ally.  Simon has been serving iboga since 2013 and has introduced hundreds of people to this sacrament in this time. Simon is the founder of a platform to create ethical supply of and comprehensive education around Iboga.

Prior to and alongside his shamanic work Simon also worked in the open source movement and in a number of web and web video start-ups. He is very grateful for the 15 years spent in the tech world as certain methodologies like open source and lean and agile approaches have the potential to revolutionize spiritual practice as we move out of the age of the guru and towards that of the collective.  Simon is also the founder and  project manager of the Dharma Lab a leaderless sangha where experiments in meeting truth and love take place.