Awake.net is the mind-manifested brain-child of Lakshmi Narayan and Jack Cross, co-founders.

“The structure, mission and vision of Awake.net was inspired by a profound ibogaine journey in 2015 that took away my addiction to sugar and allowed me to lose 30 lbs and manage my diabetes through diet alone. It was a miraculous transformation and I felt the whole world should know about ibogaine.” -Lakshmi

We launched our beta platform Nov 2021, six months after we received 501c3 approval as a non-profit social impact network with the mission of ending addiction one ibogaine treatment at a time.

Our flagship program FEAT, the Fund for Entheogenic Addiction Treatment offers travel, treatment, and integration crowdfunding and guidance to individuals seeking healing. In a world where one person dies of overdose every five minutes, ibogaine the addiction-interruptor remains a scheduled substance in the US.

If you are an ibogaine practitioner or integration provider we urge you to sign up as at least a free member and add your details to the searchable Member Directory. Many people in the mainstream don’t know about ibogaine because as a Schedule 1 substance it remains banned and often won’t show up in searches. We need your expertise and presence on Awake.net so we can collectively make a difference.

If you are a subject matter expert on any of the topics mentioned below we invite you to REGISTER as a free member on Awake and you can begin blogging right from your profile. Click here for a list of upcoming Live Conversations that we are seeking uniquely qualified guests for.