Barry Rossinoff

Barry Rossinoff

Founder, IbogaQuest

In 2009 Barry founded IbogaQuest Ibogaine treatment center in Tepoztlan, Mexico.  He was first introduced to the psychedelic experience with peyote in 1963, His career as an acquisition book editor with a major publisher he focused on anthropology publications. This circle of acquaintances exposed him to psychedelic opportunities. Combined with his interest in Buddhist practices, relating to the ‘nature of mind’, there was a resonance. He became a social acquaintance of Howard Lotsof in the late 1970’s, beginning his personal experience with Ibogaine.  

Moving to Mexico in 2006, his social circle was deeply engaged with the local plant medicine offerings and they were eager to experience Iboga.  Barry was able to provide this request with the guidance of a few of the Ibogaine pioneers.  He served a brief apprenticeship and began treating referrals. This grew organically to become IbogaQuest.

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