Cathy Coyle 

Cathy is a Coaching Psychologist and Visionary Women’s Guide. She has dedicated her life to the path of re-wilding and is passionate about rites of passage and women's mysteries. Cathy is currently pursuing a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She hosts immersive retreats across the globe and one of her core passions is finding ways to blend the wild with teachings on empowerment and conscious living. A qualified Breathwork facilitator and a registered Transpersonal Coach with the International Association of Coaches, Therapists and Mentors, she also hosts the Entheogenica Podcast 

The core of Cathy's work is a deep curiosity in women's mysticism and the esoteric. She has been initiated and mentored under teachers in her Irish homeland as well as with highly skilled guides from around the world, including Visionary Medicine Woman Shonagh Home. Cathy is the embodiment of a modern medicine woman and identifies as a Ban Draoi, an Irish Wise Woman. Bringing a modern vibration to ancient practices she merges science and mysticism to support a grounded approach to mysticism as a way of life that can be woven into career, expression, and community. 

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Women in Psychedelics Apr 28 April 28, 2024
2:00 AM - 3:00 AM

2 AM Cathy Coyle: Wisdom from the Ancient Mushroom Cults of Thessaly and the Prophetic Poets of Ireland

Cathy will delve into the enigmatic world of ancient mushroom shamanism, uncovering its profound relevance for women today. She will explore the rich tapestry of Europe's spiritual landscape, beginning with the ancient women's mysteries of the Thessaly mushroom cults. These cults not only highlight the shamanistic origins of entheogenic mushroom use in Europe but also underscore the spiritual dimension of mushroom work—a path increasingly embraced by women today for its deep healing and service potential. We will also traverse the mystical realms of ancient Ireland’s Soma cults and the Irish strand of a vast Indo-European tradition of psychedelic shamanism. We will focus on the secret rituals of this tradition and on the entheogenic roots of "poetic frenzy"—the intrinsic link between spiritual intoxication and divine inspiration. This talk invites you to rediscover and reclaim the legacy of these powerful, ancient practices, demonstrating their timeless significance for women's empowerment, healing, and spiritual fulfillment in today's world.

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