Julia Javkin

Julia Javkin

Apr 28 3 am PDT

Dr Julia Javkin graduated as a physician and acupuncturist from the National University of Rosario in Argentina, completing her specialization as a psychiatrist in London. She takes a gestalt approach, based on her studies with the Gestalt Association Los Angeles and with Escenario Invisible in gestalt drama/movement-therapy. Due to her artistic development and studies during the past 20 years in dance, somatic ,and, more recently, martial arts, she combines movement and somatic therapy with acupuncture and psychiatric skills in her practice. She has been immersed in research for many years, and over the past three years been investigating grief and ayahuasca.

Based in Barcelona since 2019, Julia has worked in many fields of mental health in public and private institutions and her private practice. She coordinates the clinical work of Beckley Med Spain, focusing primarily on ketamine-assisted therapy with a somatic approach. She also leads movement therapy workshops worldwide. Currently, she collaborates with the psychologist Anouk Bindels to organize psilocybin retreats focusing on trauma and somatics. She is the psychiatrist and safety coordinator for the Gabor Mate program with Kiyumi. Additionally, she facilitates retreats offered by Kiyumi. Beyond her direct clinical and research work, Julia spearheads psychedelic integration circles and collaborates with international institutions focused on psychedelics and somatics.

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Women in Psychedelics Apr 28 April 28, 2024
3:00 AM - 4:00 AM

3 AM Julia Javkin MD: Exploring the Intersection of Somatics and Psychedelics: Navigating Body Signals

I will explore the synergistic potential of psychedelics as catalysts for understanding and addressing our body language. Drawing upon both anecdotal evidence and research, I will delve into the therapeutic possibilities of combining somatic approaches for the preparation and integration of psychedelic experiences. Through our discussion, we aim to shed light on the potential applications and implications for personal growth and healing and teach the transformative power of psychedelics in unlocking the language of the body.