Lakshmi Narayan

Lakshmi Narayan

Apr 27 9 pm PDT

Lakshmi is a long-time psychedelic journeyer, designer, writer, poet, student, and teacher of the I Ching. She is President and co-founder of, an ad-free social impact network for the entheogenic community, and the creator of the Awake FEAT program, the Fund for Entheogenic Addiction Treatment, whose mission is to end addiction one ibogaine treatment at a time. She is also the writer-producer of a documentary Iboga Saves that will document the psycho-spiritual healing journey of people going through the FEAT program to end their addiction. Her interest and knowledge about iboga and its power to heal has come from both personal experience and having created brands for ibogaine clinics and psychedelic clients. Lakshmi is also the founder and creative director of Awake Media, a coalition of designers, writers, technologists, and marketers and a hosting platform for the transformational wellness community. Since 2012, Awake Media has created brands that inspire personal, social, political, and spiritual transformation. 


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Ibogaine the Addiction-Interruptor Panel Discussion May 10, 2024
1:30 PM - 1:38 PM

1:30 pm Lakshmi Narayan: Introduction to Iboga & Ibogaine


A brief overview and introduction to Iboga and it's primary alkaloid, ibogaine

Women in Psychedelics Apr 28 April 28, 2024
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Summary Sesssion

Women in Psychedelics Apr 27 April 27, 2024
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM

9 pm Lakshmi Narayan: What Does It Mean To Be Awake?

I want to talk about the two types of Awakening -- an absolute awakening vs a cyclical awakening, which together create a certain creative tension and paradox. Embracing paradox is one of the milestones of being awake, and in this talk I'm going to share my understanding of this phenomenon, some key features and processes that I have experienced over the years, and delve into the metaphysical markers along this path that can appear for anyone and everyone, no matter what stage or age or level of awakening they might be at in their life.