Mia Bronner

Mia Bronner

Apr 27 3 pm PDT

Mia is an artist, activist, and student of mysticism. She is currently in her third year of the AWE program, a psychedelic therapytraining course going deep with her cohort into cognition, ecstasy, and emptiness. Through AWE she has made pilgrimages to Ecuador to study yage with the Ai, to Mexico to study with the Wixarica, and to Gabon for initiation in M'Banji with the Babongo forest people. She is also a Sun Dancer of the Wiwang Wacipi in Chalmita, Mexico under the guidance of Sandor Ironrope.  

Mia works at Dr. Bronner’s as Manager of the Magic Foam Experience and is married to CEO David Bronner. She produces community events to bring people together with art, music, and organic fair-trade foam. Her purpose is to support the liberation and healing of all human beings and bodies, through creating and holding spaces to connect with Mother Earth and Great Spirit through sacred communion, prayer, dance, and music.  

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Women in Psychedelics Apr 27 April 27, 2024
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

3 pm Mia Bronner: Soul Surfing: How I Reunited with my Soul

This reunion is something I promise to do continuously. In the process I am repairing the damage of a lifetime of cultural shame and of an abusive relationship, learning to identify and trust my intuition, allowing the sacred serpent goddess to use my body and mind to express and actualize, finding my true twin flame, freeing myself from fear, forgiving my parents for neglect and abuse, supporting them in their own healing journeys, and looking ahead to a future after healing/communing. When a strong and stable connection has been made between mind, body, and soul, I will commit to a regular practice of circulating energy through that trifecta to flow and nurture, enter into trance and allow the divine to act through me, to talk with spirits and offer them prayers, to ask for their support and protection, and to open portals for others to enter altered states and explore their inner and outer worlds and ask their questions. I'll touch on creating psychedelic spaces for all female- representing beings, heroic doses, and tools for pushing through physical and psychic edges, breaking through to further realms of spiritual experience. I will discuss protecting your sacred journeyer self from transference, keeping visions inside and alive, and working visionary muscles.

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