Sarah Sun

Sarah Sun

Apr 28 5 am PDT

Sarah Hilario was successful in the career she trained for as a hair and makeup artist in her native South Africa. Becoming a mother changed everything as did her descent into psychological madness that began with an 18-year journey on legal drugs and the belief that relief was coming. Once the realization of this lie landed, she made the conscious decision, spurred by psychic occurrences, to turn to plant medicine instead. Sarah's medicine journey began as she opened her mind, heart, and gut to find understanding of this process and experiences life serves. Through her discovery, she has had to become uncomfortable and unlearn the things that kept her in the shadow of her life. As she stepped into womb medicine in her first official study of the esoteric world, she realized that there are many secrets kept in plant medicine that had to be shared with

Sarah has managed to home school two very beautiful, activated Indigenous offspring and prefers living off grid, but with teenagers a dual life of service between city and land keeps her balanced. Sarah considers herself in the infancy of becoming a psychonaut with her story being far from anything to judge as success or failure, but rather from a place of witnessing. She firmly believes in and experiences healing by witnessing healing taking place. A belief she holds in her long-term vision for humanity is to be able to share ALL of plant medicine to address the social ills this planet is experiencing due to the systematic disconnection from the Source. Sarah works on healing only herself, convinced in her knowing that as she shines so her light body emits healing, activating those outside of her frequency. She is moved to be in service through the medicine of Grandfather Wood (iboga and ibogaine)

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Women in Psychedelics Apr 28 April 28, 2024
5:00 AM - 6:00 AM

5 AM Sarah Sun: Pygmy Testimony: Iboga In My Blood

Sarah will be sharing key points in her life story to bring listeners closer to the innerstanding that there is help beyond what the system has to offer. By no means are we lost when we brave the unseen and unknown to find the answers within. I will be open to questions and willing to answer from experience to share the gifts that iboga holds for humanity. The story is told that the Pygmies of my clan took this medicine deep into the forests when our land was colonialized. The Bwiti were said to be the only tribe willing to keep their spirit clean, so the medicine and seeds were shared with them. In my heart, I feel this is true. Elders have similar stories and have the feeling of truth. So my truth is that I am present to bring the medicine back to my tribe WOMEN first. As we rise so will the rest. I know nothing more beyond this, just that the journey is becoming more synchronistic and colorful, and there is flow. I even get glimpses of bliss. Our future feels golden.