Sonatta Camara

Sonatta Camara

Apr 27 11 pm PDT

Dr. Sonatta Camara, PhD is a luminary in holistic healing and empowerment, embodies the essence of sovereignty through her diverse roles as a beekeeper, medicine keeper, psychedelic coach, speaker, and author. Alongside her husband, King James, she co-founded Temple Mother Earth, a revered sanctuary for higher consciousness based in Washington, DC, dedicated to accepting and nurturing individuals just as they are and for who they are becoming. Her life's work celebrates the synergy of natural healing, psychedelic science, and community wisdom. Dr. Camara's approach to healing is deeply anchored in the philosophy that everyone possesses the key to their own transformation, drawing on Earth's wisdom and the collective strength of community. As a beekeeper, she draws profound lessons from the hive—emphasizing unity, cooperation, and the natural intelligence of bees as a metaphor for human healing and community building. Her mantra, "Into me I see," reflects her vision of self-discovery and creating a reality filled with intention, grace, and connection. Dr. Camara's commitment to integrating the teachings of Mother Earth and fostering a sense of belonging within a community underscores her pioneering work in promoting holistic wellness, generational healing, and the actualization of one's highest potential. 

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Women in Psychedelics Apr 27 April 27, 2024
11:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Sonatta Camara: Embracing Inner Alchemy: A Journey of Healing and Sovereignty


Dr. Sonatta Camara, PhD, will provide an inspiring exploration into the realms of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Her talk unveils the transformative journey of turning trauma into sovereignty through the wisdom of nature and ancient practices. With her rich background, she shares enlightening insights on using entheogens, community, and daily rituals to navigate life's complexities. She advocates for every day as a ceremony, a sacred opportunity to live sovereignly and in control of our healing journeys. This presentation is more than a talk; it's a transformative experience, guiding participants to convert pain into power and embark on a path of personal, generational, and communal healing towards a legacy of wellness and empowerment.