APRIL 19, 2024, 10 - 11 AM MTN

The Ibogaine Evangelist

The Archetypes of Addiction with Anders Beatty

SUNDAY, APR 21st, 2-3 PM PST

Bard in Bardo: An Afternoon of Psychedelic Poetry

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SAT-SUN, APR 27 & 28, 25 hour event

Women in Psychedelics

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In 2023, more than 107,000 people died of overdose in the US. In 2024, Awake.net’s is initiating a countermovement called 10,000 Rebirths, a philanthropic proposal to save lives and end addiction one ibogaine treatment at a time.

Hello and welcome to Awake.net, an entheogenic noosphere.

A noosphere is postulated sphere or stage of evolutionary development dominated by consciousness, the mind, and interpersonal relationships. We want to inspire the evolution of all three, creating, indeed, a new sphere.

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We hope you find community here, the weird, the wacky, the wondrous, the wise, the entheogenic community. We also hope you find resources for healing and awakening here – treatment or ceremony providers, psychedelic integration providers, complementary modalities providers like detox and nutrition, breathwork, somatic therapies, art therapy, reading groups, integration circles, discussion forums, events, and last but not least artists, musicians, poets, philosophers, and psychonauts. If you are one of the above please join us.


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10,000 Rebirths: A Philanthropic Proposal to End Addiction & Save Lives offers an initiatory pathway for people suffering from hard addictions to get funding, education, integration community, access to reliable ibogaine treatment providers and precare and aftercare integration.

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FEAT, the Fund for Entheogenic Addiction Treatment, is accepting applications to run its first pilot to shepherd 12 individuals from Colorado ready to interrupt hard addictions through ibogaine treatment. FEAT will assist with  fund-raising, precare & detox support, access to ibogaine journeys at clinics abroad or in church settings, and a nine-month integration program taught by Mentors & Masters on Awake.net

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Change Your Character: Nine Months to Rebirth is an onlline and live integration program for FEAT initiates taught by Mentors and Masters from the addiction and entheogenic treatment arenas covering preparation, navigation, and treatment of initiatory journeys such as ibogaine to interrupt hard addictions like opioid, crystal meth, suboxone, prescription pills and other substances.

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An Invitation to Give a Breakthrough Lecture: Mentors and Masters from the entheogenic disciplines plus complementary modalities are invited to deliver a TED-style lecture during the Change Your Character nine-month program, thus quickly creating education, depth, and choice for FEAT applicants.