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An ongoing social media campaign consisting of articles, videos and podcasts about iboga, addiction and law. We will be publishing 26 days of updates during the month of October by various authors and experts.

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Oct 15
Numb to Numbers: America’s Opioid Epidemic Facts & Figures
Authors various

Oct 17
IBOGA, the Golden Door
by Lakshmi Narayan

Oct 19
What is the difference between IBOGA and IBOGAINE?
seeking authorship

Oct 21
Why is Ibogaine Illegal in the US? Map of Legal status of Ibogaine around the world, excerpted from Crossroads Ibogaine

Oct 23
Ibogaine Prep & Integration
by Deanne Adamson

Oct 25
Existing Clinical Studies and Medical Research on Ibogaine
compiled by Lakshmi Narayan and Dr. Joseph Barsuglia

Oct 27
Best Practices for Ibogaine Clinical Treatment
seeking authorship

Oct 29
A personal account of an Ibogaine Journey
by Mark Stephenson

Oct 31
What happens during an Ibogaine Flood dose to an opioid addict? (mechanism of action and biochemistry)
Ken Alper, MD

Nov 2
Savanna’s story (personal account, footage)
by Eric Thiermann and Savanna Shanti

Nov 4
Communing with Nature: An Introduction to Entheogens
by Anna Szostek

Nov 6
Why do many addicts call Ibogaine a ‘spiritual experience’?
seeking authorship

Nov 8
A Bwiti Ceremony
Ty Hensel and Kevin Sheard’s ceremony in Gabon

Nov 10
Threading the Fabric of Recovery
Jennifer Bruce

Nov 12
Transcending Trauma: A personal account
seeking authorship

Nov 14
Growing, harvesting and extracting IBOGA
Simon Andersen

Nov 16
Creating a sustainable partnership with IBOGA
Ana Holub

Nov 18
A therapist’s account of what happens during an Ibogaine experience
seeking authorship

Nov 20
The Art of Death & Resurrection
Jack Cross

Nov 22
Book Review: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Dr. Gabor Mate

Nov 24
Awakening with IBOGA. An account of a western shamanic ritual
Sean Hammon

Nov 26
Set, Setting, Intention & Integration: Four keys to a successful long-term recovery
by Lakshmi Narayan

Nov 28
Reawakening to Recovery
Kevin Franciotti

Nov 30
IBOGA, Root to Liberation. About the documentary
Lakshmi Narayan & Eric Thiermann

Dec 2
Sunday: ‘Physician Know Thyself’
special multimedia presentation by Lakshmi Narayan and Eric Thiermann

Dec 4
Rescheduling Ibogaine: Vote with your $ first