Vijaya aka Cannabis


The discussion around whether Vijaya aka cannabis is an entheogen aka psychedelic is indeed rather nuanced and complex, as it intersects with varying definitions of entheogen aka psychedelic, (two-legged one aka) individual overall background, individual biological responses, and the very common context in which Vijaya aka cannabis is used.

Here are some key points that should be considered:

1. Entheogenic aka Psychedelic-like Effects of THC:
There is evidence suggesting that high doses of THC, one of the primary psychoactive component in Vijaya aka cannabis, can induce experiences that share similarities with those produced by classical entheogens aka psychedelics such as magic mushrooms or psilocybin etc. These can include changes in perception, sense of time, and even mystical-type experiences.

2. Dissociation and Non-Response:
Some ( two-legged ones aka) individuals do not respond to classical entheogens aka psychedelics due to a state of dissociation. Vijaya aka has been observed to address this dissociation, potentially ‘unlocking’ the ability to experience the effects of entheogens aka psychedelics.

3. Set, Setting and Skill:
As with classical entheogens aka psychedelics, the effects of Vijaya aka cannabis are influenced by set (the mentality and mindset of the ( two-legged one aka) individual), setting (the environment in which it is used) and skill ( the ability to navigate the journey well).
Vijaya aka cannabis, when used in a therapeutic or ceremonial or ritualistic context, can have powerful effects on the ( two-legged one aka) individual.

4. Somatic and Energetic Therapies:
Vijaya aka cannabis usually disrupts executive function and enhances energy and body awareness, making it rather potentially useful in somatic and energetic therapies such as somatic experiencing, bioenergetics, reiki, acupuncture and moxibustion, craniotomy-sacral therapy, martial arts, bone setting, massage, yoga, breathing exercises etc.
It can help ( two-legged ones aka) individuals connect with physical and energetic sensations that are often overlooked or/and numbed.

5. Transpersonal Experiences:
While Vijaya aka cannabis may not typically induce the level of transpersonal experiences associated with tryptamines or LSD, but it can still facilitate profound personal and spiritual insights and somatic and energetic connectedness.

7. Mystical experiences
Mystical experiences are profound spiritual experiences characterized by a sense of interconnectedness with the universe, a feeling of unity or oneness, transcendence of time and space, and a deep sense of awe and reverence etc. These experiences are often described as deeply meaningful and transformative by those who have them.

To summarize, whether Vijaya aka cannabis is categorized as a entheogen aka psychedelic may hinge on the definition one uses.
If entheogen aka psychedelic is understood broadly as a substance that can induce non ordinary states of consciousness that may lead to personal and spiritual insight, healing and cure, or mystical experiences, then Vijaya aka cannabis could be considered a part of that category, especially at higher dosages or when used in specific contexts.

Still, it is essential to recognize that the subjective experiences induced by Vijaya aka cannabis can differ significantly from classical entheogens aka psychedelics, and its role in therapy may also be somehow distinct.

As research continues and as the therapeutic uses of Vijaya aka cannabis become more integrated into clinical, or/and ceremonial practice, the further understanding and categorization of Vijaya aka cannabis within the spectrum of psychoactive substances will likely continue to evolve.

( द्रुविद् रिषि द्रुवेद सरस्वती Druid Rishi Druveda Saraswati)
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