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Awake.net is a 501c3 approved non-profit social impact network with the mission of ending opioid addiction one ibogaine treatment at a time. Our flagship program FEAT, the Fund for Entheogenic Addiction Treatment offers travel, treatment, and integration crowdfunding and guidance to individuals seeking healing. In a world where one person dies of overdose every five minutes, ibogaine the addiction-interruptor remains a scheduled substance in the US. Hence our FEAT program which provides funding, education, treatment and integration options to help people get treatment abroad where legal or decriminalized. Learn how ibogaine can interrupt opioid, meth, alcohol, myriad addictions in a single flood-dose treatment. Iboga Saves, on every level.

If you are an ibogaine practitioner or integration provider we urge you to sign up as a free member and add your details to the searchable Member Directory. Many people in the mainstream don’t know about ibogaine because as a Schedule 1 substance it remains banned and often won’t show up in searches. We need your expertise and presence on Awake.net so we can collectively make a difference.

If you are a subject matter expert on any of the topics mentioned below we invite you to REGISTER as a free member on Awake and you can begin blogging right from your profile.

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