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Integrating Ibogaine for Opioid Addiction moderated by Jeff Kamlet MD, CMO of, Jul 25, 2022

A free discussion and sharing circle about how to prepare for, navigate, and integrate a flood-dose ibogaine treatment for addiction recovery. Moderated by Jeffrey Kamlet MD, CMO,, and Board Medical Advisor, Awake FEAT program to end opioid addiction. A much needed topic of discussion in the face of one overdose death every 8 minutes or so! JUL 25, 8:30 PM EST ONLINE

MAY 16 When the Ego Dies It Doesn’t Hurt Part 2

What is an ego death? Especially one that occurs inside of an entheogenic journey? In this integration circle we will discuss what the ego is, and what it isn’t, how to have a healthy definition and relationship with your ego-personality, and how to evolve the “expression” of the ego through the use of entheogenic, mind-manifesting journeys as well as through a process of integration and refinement of character.