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Words are spelled. Spells are cast, and a spell is a period of Time.

‘VV’ or ‘UU’, is ‘W’, (the doUble yoU), male and female,  Innerchi in Matter, in Plane Cartesian Geometry, designated ‘Y’ and ‘X’ and the ‘-ORD’ of Word and Lord is from ORD-inate. In Genetics, ‘Y’ and ‘X’ are the designations for  male and female chromosomes.

A ‘MORPHEME’ is defined as “the smallest unit of letters that have intrinsic meaning.” ‘INTRINSIC’ means “inward”  and ‘PHEME’ means “to speak.”

Letters are ‘FORMS’,  spatial, geometric. ‘FORM’ is ‘MORPH’ written backwards, where the ‘F’ and ‘P’ transliterate and the ‘H’ is an aspirate, a breat-h. Morphemes can be re-versed and still maintain their intrinsic meaning.

‘MEAN’  in Mathematics means “MIDDLE.”  The ‘MED’  of ‘med-itation’ and ‘med-icine’  and ‘re-med-y  and in-T-er-med-iary  means ‘middle’. To ‘CONCENTRATE’ is to “bring toward a c-en-T-er.” 

We en-T-er. We e-X-i-T.

TAO, the “Middle Way,” is an in-T-er-section of vertical  and horizontal co-ordinates  and the ‘A’ and the ‘O’  are the “First” and “Last”  letters of an Alphabet.

The English/Latin Alphabet is descended from the Semitic Language Group  and a man NAME-d SHEM. Shem-man-ism is a cri-SIS of mean-i-NG. ‘NG/GN’ is a morpheme for KN-owledge.  GN-O-SIS.  The ’S’s are Serpents  and the ‘I’ is the V-er-T-I-cal Pole of  the Sacred Masculine.

Jacob’s Ladder, the Mythical Ladder j-oining man to God is made of Letters,  Art-iculated from the Middle. ‘Art’,  means, “to Join.” ‘Hyphen’ means “to j-oin.”

The Tenth Letter ‘J’  Who placed it there? Who e-X-T-ra-Pole-ated it First? The ‘J’ of Jewel.  Who Last? What IS Perfect Tense?