Clearing Mental-Emotional Blockages Creates Acceptance and Non Attachment


Opening oneself and clearing any mental-emotional and energetic blockages can indeed allow the energy of others to flow through one more freely. When one holds onto mental-emotional states and energies or resist them, it can create tension, stress and hinder the natural flow of mental-emotions and energy.

By acknowledging and allowing these mental-emotional states and energies to pass through, one can create a space of acceptance and non-attachment.

This wonderful practice can be particularly helpful in situations where one interacts with (two-legged one’s aka) others who may be experiencing strong mental-emotional states and energies or going through difficult and challenging times. By being present, here and now, and open, one can offer support and understanding without taking on others mental-emotional states or energies or becoming overwhelmed. It’s about maintaining a state of receptivity while remaining grounded in one’s own damn solid centredness.

However, it’s important to note that while one can be open to the mental-emotional states and energies of others, it’s equally crucial to establish wholesome, healthy boundaries at all times. Taking care of one’s own well-being is truly essential, and sometimes that means recognizing when one need to step back and recharge oneself. Each and every ( two-legged aka) human has his/her own unique and special limits, and it’s extremely important to cherish and honour them.

Overall, finding a balance between being receptive to ( two-legged ones aka) others’ mental-emotional states and energies and truly taking care of oneself is the very key.

By doing so, one can create truly harmonious interactions and contribute to a more positive, progressive, lovely and supportive environment.


( द्रुविद् रिषि द्रुवेद सरस्वती Druid Rishi Druveda Saraswati)

All rights reserved.

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