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Media & Web Services: Writing, Web Dev, Video, Content Creation, Tech Support, Design, Marketing, Other

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Non-Profit, Integration Provider, Writer, Artist or Illustrator, Film-maker, Technologist, Graphic Designer, Podcast Host, Blogger, Psychonaut, Awake Circles Moderator

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I offer branding and web development through Awake Media llc, offering design and am the co-founder and president of, a non-profit social impact network for the entheogenic community with the mission of ending addiction and saving lives one ibogaine treatment at a time.

I teach a nine-month integration course for character development based upon the I Ching —an ancient Chinese philosophy—called Change Your Character: Nine Hexagrams for Rebirth.


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Lakshmi Narayan is the President and co-founder of, an ad-free social network for the entheogenic community, and the creator of the Awake FEAT program, the Fund for Entheogenic Addiction Treatment whose mission is to end addiction one ibogaine treatment at a time. She is also the writer-producer of a documentary Iboga Saves that will document the psychospiritual healing inner journey of people going through the FEAT program to end their addiction. Her interest and knowledge about IBOGA and it’s power to heal has come from both personal experience and from having created brands for ibogaine clinics and psychedelic clients.

Lakshmi is also the founder of Awake Media, a coalition of designers, writers, technologists, marketers and a hosting platform for the transformational wellness community. Since 2012, Awake Media has created brands that inspire personal, social, political and spiritual change. As Creative Director, Lakshmi brings decades of experience in graphic design, brand strategy, screenwriting, event production, and online technologies, and has helped organizations presenting controversial subjects position themselves so that they can gain credibility with a mainstream audience, including MAPS, (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) the Psychedelic Science 2013 conference brand, Timothy Leary Trust, Women’s Visionary Congress, Crossroads Ibogaine, Being True to You and many others. View Portfolio


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Awake Media, llc, founder/Creative Director, and Corporation, founder/President




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