We’re assembling a cure-rated Living Library of Mentors & Masters who have experience with preparing for, navigating, and/or integrating journeys with entheogens like ibogaine, ayahuasca, psilocybin, MDMA, ketamine, and even cannabis for addiction recovery, trauma, psycho-spiritual healing, finding meaning and purpose, and spiritual awakening. Our goal is to facilitate initiatory inner journeys for addiction recovery, trauma, depression, and other ailments with the help of entheogenic teachers from around the globe from clinical, shamanic or transpersonal disciplines as well as the complementary modalities of detox, nutrition, breathwork, music, bodywork, yoga, mental and emotional disciplines and a metaphysical framework that is an accurate reflection of reality. If you recognize your self in these definitions please apply to join us. We want to prepare for a launch event called AWE 2022 next November which would consist of a week-long online and offline workshop with small group journeys where legal.

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