The Map to Wholeness: Transformation and Integration

A complete transformation requires integration. The Map to Wholeness outlines in intimate details, the Figure-8 Model of a Complete Transformation draws upon and corroborates with literature of 13 disciplines and is the result of over fifteen years of analysis seeded in the author’s doctoral research. The results produced a figure-8 pattern.

Specifically, the research indicates that integration involves nine distinct phases that in total, clarify the necessity of struggle, strife, loss, and emotional anguish during integration. The outcomes further affirm why the majority of people who have had transformative experiences struggle with depression, substance abuse, and other problems. In this session you will learn The Model of a Complete Transformation, it’s two cycles and 13-phases, and the aspects of self that the biopsychospiritual system integrates.

The Map to Wholeness guides the reader through the intimate details of two ordinary individuals’ lives as they progress through the 13-phases of transformation. Radha Stern and Kenny Johnson’s rousing stories will inspire you through your own heroic journey as you grow, despite extraordinary challenges, and are recreated as a happier, healthier, and entirely new you.

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