Healing from Narcissistic Abuse: My Journey with Ibogaine Therapy at Awakening In The Dream Treatment Center

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As I sit down to write this article, I am filled with a sense of both trepidation and liberation. For years, I have carried the heavy burden of growing up with a narcissistic father, enduring the emotional scars and deep-seated wounds inflicted by his abuse. Yet, through my journey with Ibogaine therapy and the insights gained from therapy, I have begun to peel back the layers of trauma, reclaiming my power and rediscovering my authentic self.

Daughters of narcissistic fathers often find themselves drawn to dangerous people and situations, perpetuating a cycle of abuse and self-doubt. We are silenced, conditioned to adapt to danger, and gaslight ourselves into believing that we are unworthy of love and validation. We are devalued, shamed, and objectified, our emotional needs neglected and our voices silenced. Affection is withheld, replaced by manipulation and control, leaving us starved for love and validation.

But what can we do to break free from the chains of narcissistic abuse? How can we reclaim our sense of self-worth and rebuild our shattered identities?

First and foremost, we must validate and acknowledge the abuse we have endured. We must limit or cut off contact with the narcissistic parent, creating sacred boundaries to protect our emotional well-being. We must learn constructive ways to self-validate, finding ways to give ourselves the emotional nourishment that was denied to us. Connecting with our inner child, learning to self-soothe, and identifying and limiting contact with toxic individuals are all essential steps in the healing process.

Additionally, seeking out positive male role models, celebrating our accomplishments, and releasing the idea of perfection are crucial in rebuilding our self-esteem and reclaiming our sense of self-worth. By learning to recognize the triggers of devaluation and replacing negative feedback with positive reframes, we can begin to reclaim our power and assert our worth.

Through Ibogaine therapy and the insights gained from therapy, I have begun to heal the deep-seated wounds of narcissistic abuse. I have learned to reconnect with my authentic self, to celebrate my worthiness, and to release the chains of self-doubt that once bound me. And as I continue on this journey of self-discovery and healing, I hold onto the affirmation that I am and always will be enough. I am a survivor, and I will recover.

With each step forward, I am reclaiming my power and rewriting my story. And though the road ahead may be long and challenging, I walk it with courage and conviction, knowing that I am worthy of love, of validation, and of a life filled with joy and fulfillment.


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