A social impact network for the entheogenic community

Awake.net is a non-profit collective wisdom blog, directory, and learning portal about the inner journey with entheogens and their benefit in healing deep psychospiritual issues like addiction, trauma, and depression as well as for connecting with the wholeness of one’s inner being. We explore topics around how psychedelic journeys influence our views and perspectives on self, race, gender, shamanism, spirituality, religion, science, technology, nature and evolution.

The main idea behind Awake.net is that of a virtual classroom, conference center and social impact network that has unique Event Rooms, HD amphitheaters where ticketed or free LIVE events and panel discussions can be hosted to a limited LIVE audience and unlimited video simulcast capability. To start with we would host the Can we End the Opioid Epidemic conference and the podcast In the MushRoom in these virtual rooms, but the idea is scalable and over time we could have a cluster of rooms, each one a sphere of influence that cross-pollinates because they are under the umbrella of the AWAKE social network. Members get their own blog pages/email address @awake.net and for a premium membership fee get listed in the Directory and can promote their own services, classes, or events to other like-minded folks. The financial model would be tickets, web memberships and web design services and all profits after operating expenses would go into the FEAT program, Awake.net’s non-profit Fund for Entheogenic Addiction Treatments. JOIN

Awake.net is gathering place for the entheogenic community envisioned as a collaborative social network, classroom, event platform, and marketplace to share knowledge, narratives, best practices, research, and guidance about the entheogenic experience to quicken a transformation in human consciousness and culture.

Our primary mission is to help end the opioid epidemic by disbursing grants for entheogenic addiction treatment with ibogaine, the plant medicine that can interrupt addiction and eliminate withdrawals in a single flood-dose treatment.

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Our vision is to assemble Mentors & Masters from around the globe to create courses, events, and blogs on iboga, ayahuasca, cannabis, psilocybin, ketamine and MDMA and present pathways for addiction, trauma, mood disorders, personal growth, mystical experiences, and creative breakthroughs. We welcome doctors and shamans, healers, integration experts, authors, artists, mediamakers, and musicians to become a part of our effort.



Meet our diverse and multi-talented board of directors and entheogenic experts.

lakshmi narayan awake board president 03

Lakshmi Narayan,
President & Founder
Designer, writer, psychonaut

eric swensonboard members 03

Eric Swenson
Seattle WA
Editor, conference planner, psychonaut

jack cross board members 03

Jack Cross
Sedona, AZ
Writer, poet, psychonaut

daniel shortt board member 03

Daniel Shortt
Secretary/Legal Counsel
Portland WA
Cannabis attorney

jeffrey kamlet awake board member 03

Jeffrey Kamlet, MD
Miami FL
Physician, ibogaine expert

talia eisenberg

Talia Eisenberg
Sausalito CA
Sustainable business marketing

shonagh home board member 03

Shonagh Home
Vermont CT
Writer, poet, shamanic therapist

john rapp 03

John Rapp
Director, Legal Counsel
Seattle WA
Attorney, writer, producer


Cathy coyle 03

Cathy Coyle
Cork, Ireland
Shamanic therapist, podcast host