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A is a non-profit social impact network envisioned as a collaborative community, classroom, and marketplace to share knowledge, narratives, best practices, research, and guidance about the entheogenic experience and help quicken a transformation in human consciousness and culture.

Our mission is to help end opioid addiction by providing individual preparation, treatment, and integration grants and guidance for ibogaine and other treatments through our non-profit FEAT program, currently in pilot..

Ibogaine is an entheogenic plant medicine that can reset the body to a pre-addicted state, even with the most persistent and deadly hard addictions like opioids, meth, and alcohol. This has been known since 1962, and today in 2020, there are around a 100 clinics all over the world, in places where it is legal or decriminalized, and thousands of people have ended their addiction because of it. Yet it remains illegal in the US, home of the opioid epidemic.’s FEAT pilot program goal is to raise $1M for 100 ibogaine treatments in a 9-month program that includes a self-study and mentorship program for preparation, navigation and integration of a flood-dose ibogaine reset.

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Fund for Entheogenic
Addiction Treatments


Our vision is to create a curated Living Library of Mentors & Masters from around the globe to educate our audiences about what entheogens are, and how to prepare for, navigate, and integrate entheogenic journeys for healing and awakening. If you have extensive experience with ego-dissolving entheogenic journeys and have something to teach or communicate consider joining our Mentors, Masters & Mediamakers program.

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lakshmi narayan awake board president 03

Lakshmi Narayan,
Executive Director

Sedona, AZ
Designer, writer, psychonaut

eric swensonboard members 03

Eric Swenson
Seattle WA
Editor, conference planner, psychonaut

jack cross 06

Jack Cross

Sedona, AZ
Ecstatic poet, psychonaut

daniel shortt board member 03

Daniel Shortt
Legal Counsel
Portland WA
Cannabis attorney


jeffrey kamlet awake board member 03

Jeffrey Kamlet, MD
Miami FL
Physician, ibogaine/addiction expert

talia eisenberg

Talia Eisenberg
Sausalito CA
Sustainable business marketing

shonagh home board member 03

Shonagh Home
Vermont CT
Writer, poet,
Shamanic therapist

john rapp 03

John Rapp
Legal Counsel

Seattle WA
Attorney, writer, producer

Cathy coyle 03

Cathy Coyle
Cork, Ireland
Shamanic therapist,
Podcast host


10th member


Awakening With Entheogens

A week-long online/offline initiation workshop with tracks for addiction recovery, trauma treatment, creative epiphanies, guided visionary journeys (where legal) and ongoing integration guidance from mentors and masters, and Awake Circles online support groups.

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