Website in a Week Workshop with Expert Handholding

Screen Shot 2022 05 18 at 5.52.13 PM

Screen Shot 2022 05 18 at 5.52.13 PM

ENTHEOGENIC ENTREPRENEURS: If you have something to say, teach, or initiate around the use of entheogenic plant medicines and are thinking about how you can quickly launch that online landing page, podcast or blog brand, this workshop is for you.

Join me in an effortless, fun, creative process to get your one-page website launched in 7 Days. Learn how to find the wu-wei Taoist method of interfacing with technology without stress, with expert handholding from me and the Awake Media team.

Instructor: Lakshmi Narayan, Brand, Web & Media Expert; Psychonaut;
Founder, Awake Media &

Ready to Launch in a Week! 
Learn how to plan, design, build, and launch your own one-page podcast/blog/event site in seven one-hour zoom tutorials on our easy drag n’ drop Sitebuilder.



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