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Introduction to

What is real communication? What is real communion? Where is real community? I fumble for a way to speak about a subject that has become demonized and criminalized for such a long time, in fact, from the Beginning of Time, that we call a sacrament a ‘drug’ and have ‘classified’ it so that it is a crime to imbibe the entheogenic plants and fungi that allow one to truly commune with Self and God. At what cost? I say the cost is too great. Plant sacraments like ayahuasca, ibogaine, psilocybin mushrooms and others are spiritual nutrition, just like there are foods which nourish the body, there are foods which nourish the spirit. Your body, your physical heart, thrives on the lycopene that comes from tomatoes, similarly, your mind and spirit, flourish and flower with the dmt that is received in an ayahuasca experience. The function of a plant sacrament, by definition, is to provide direct access to one’s inner knowing, one’s divine authority, in whatever way, shape, or form that experience might manifest for each individual. It is also the catalyst of one’s creativity and insight, and many a great discovery has occurred in an altered state, by taking a forbidden “bite” of that apple, as so poignantly captu
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A Journey in Word by Jack Cross

It is customary in the mind-manifested world to speak of Set, Setting and Intention, but I would like to begin with something you’ll need to bring with you on your journey in Word, ATTENTION, and ones ability to pay with it. Intention is very close, cut from the same decimal system, if you will. A TEN, (10), a one and a zero, one and nothing, being and non-being is a completion of a cycle, a revolution, and there’ one in Enlightenment, (‘en’, in, the fullness of the ‘-ment’, of the mind, filled with Light at its f-UL-L e-X-ten-sion, Red. Unspell potential. Doesn’t the tenth letter ‘J’ look a bit like a Fish Hook and an upside down question mark? Who placed it there? Have you ever walked across a street without authority? Here, authority and authorship are etymologically related to the Latin AUTOR, meaning FATHER. Hold the aspirate. This Bastard Language, Angle-ish, Angelic, messenger like, descends from the Semitic Language Group, as Semitic descends from one of Noah’s sons, SHEM. Son’s are male. The Alphabet was created by a SHEM-MAN, a NAME-MAN, a WORD-MAN, communicating, communing with the two hemispheres of his own mind, in the place of the skull the
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The Millionth Buddha

Maybe there’s a quickening, a hundredth monkey, a millionth Buddha. Maybe its you, maybe its me…. Who do you say that I am? I am awake. In unison, I am awake. . . .    
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