I fumble for a way to speak about a subject that has become demonized and criminalized for such a long time, in fact, from the Beginning of Time, that we call a sacrament a ‘drug’ and have ‘classified’ it so that it is a crime to imbibe the entheogenic plants and fungi that allow one to truly commune with Self and God. At what cost?

I say the cost is too great. Entheogens like ayahuasca, ibogaine, psilocybin mushrooms and others are spiritual nutrition, just like there are foods which nourish the body, there are foods which nourish the spirit. Your body, your physical heart, thrives on the lycopene that comes from tomatoes, similarly, your mind and spirit, flourish and flower with the dmt that is received in an ayahuasca experience.

The function of an entheogen, by definition, is to provide direct access to one’s inner knowing, one’s divine authority, in whatever way, shape, or form that experience might manifest for each individual. It is also the catalyst of one’s creativity and insight, and many a great discovery has occurred in an altered state, by taking a forbidden “bite” of that apple, as so poignantly captured in Steve Jobs’ Apple logo.

The greatest risk that we have created by making these plants illegal is that the majority of law-abiding citizens have lost access to an original experience of God, the intelligence within, whatever you may call it, and therefore our culture is second-hand, built on the long-ago words of some Holy (whole) person who DID have access to divine authority.

It takes power to break the trance of the in-divide-dual, the divided Self. These plants are therefore powerful catalysts to meet the need for that communion. They must be consumed with reverence and research or there are bound to be a lot of ‘unintended consequences’, as evidenced in our planetary history of excess leading to prohibition leading to lack of safe access to not only these substances themselves, but also to the accumulated knowledge and best practices around their medicinal and sacramental use. And how does the entheogenic experience itself suffer under the shadow of illegality? How can you revere something if it is pronounced illegal? How does the global ‘Set & Setting’ influence our own private experience of One Mind?

The cost is too great. We have more and more people going insane in small and large ways, and it is a sign of a society that has not had safe ‘Access’ for a long, long, time. Access to what? Access to the ‘infinity within’ as well as access to the ‘Shadow within’ Access to insight, intuition, vision, higher intelligence, access to the heart of this journey called Life which the alchemy of the plant sacrament opens up within you, with which unraveling the knots and complications of life become easy to do as they fall away in the light of a greater identification of Self. Access to the Axis Mundi.

Without free access to the Spirit, the ego becomes more powerful. And so hundreds of thousands of people have become ‘spiritual criminals’ because we seek that wholeness, we seek that communion, the ‘mune’ of co-MMune is a mountain, and it is to the top of the mountain that we must go, each and every one of us, and plant sacraments are the biological ladders given to us by Nature for that ascent.

I say the cost is too great that one has to become an outlaw in order to experience this.

I have created a destination awake.net and I’m going to be posting videos and blogs both by myself and other authors about the inner journey with entheogens, a.k.a. plant sacraments a.k.a. psychedelics. Please take a look, and if you have some wisdom or insight to share on the subject feel free to write me and become an author.

About the Author

Lakshmi Narayan is the founder and editor of awake.net, a non-profit collective wisdom blog about the inner journey with entheogens, and founder and creative director of Awake Media a digital media company offering media products and services to clients in integrative health, transformational technology, and mind-body-spirit healthcare. She has a decades long interest in the cause of repositioning psychedelics in the public mind, and educating people about the benefits, cautions, best practices, and timeless wisdom that can be had from these experiences. 




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