MAR 21 Generating the Divine Within: Awake Integration Circles

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MAR 21, 2022, 5:30pm to 7:30pm PST



Welcome to Awake Circles

We are holding space for something greater to occur within these virtual walls, a greater comprehension, a greater sense of community, and a greater understanding of entheogenic communion.

Our intention is to create a space where we can discuss entheogenic journeys with some depth and explore concepts and perspectives that will help people prepare for, navigate, and integrate these journeys in the highest way possible. Hearing people's trip experiences and how they are impacted by it negatively or positively is a big part of what will happen here, and these narratives will be the springboard for our discussions. Our focus is on the archetypal, sacramental journey, and it's various features, processes, and transformations, as well as metaphor and symbolism of what comes through in these journeys.

We believe 'integration' is a three-fold idea:

1.Integrating a single journey (days, weeks, months, years after)

2.Integrating many journeys over a long period of time.

3.Integrating the use of these substances in our own spirituality, culture, and world in a legal and safe way.

We deliberately use the term "entheogen" instead of psychedelic because the word means 'generating-the-Divine-within' and this is the aspect of what these medicines can do for us that is so profoundly transformative and needed in our society.

Our circles are led by psychonauts who are adept at journeying, with personal and/or professional experience with these medicines who can offer insight based on their own experience.

The two-hour integration circle will meet as a group in the main room for an intro to the topic and moderators and shared agreements, then split up into Breakout Rooms depending on number of attendees. We will have 2-3 moderators in each room. Participants can join any room they like, limit 12.

5:30 -5:35
5-minute meditation or sound healing to kick off meeting. This is to create sacred space and a shift in focus and attention before we start, and while we are waiting for stragglers.

5:35 - 5:55
A brief intro to Awake Circles, followed by each of the moderators and co-moderators sharing a brief intro to themselves.

5:55 -6:00
Shared agreements review

Sharing Circles in Breakout Rooms (depending on number of attendees)

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