FEB 21: Reversing the Flow: Turning Bad Trips into Good

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FEB 21, 2022, 5:30pm to 7:30pm PST




The traditional wisdom of indigenous cultures often contradicts modern views about a mental health crisis. Is it a ‘calling’ to grow or just a ‘broken brain’? The documentary CRAZYWISE explores what can be learned from people around the world who have turned their psychological crisis into a positive transformative experience.

Psychosis and Spiritual Awakening:

Director Phil Borges spent many years as an anthropologist photographing and documenting indigenous ceremonies with tribes in many parts of the world. He noticed that their approach to mental illness was that the subject was going through a shamanic initiation, and that led to the making of the film CRAZYWISE.

Since the release of the film Phil has interviewed many individuals who have spoken of a profound feeling of connection to everyone and everything during their psychological crisis, which when navigated successfully often resulted in a deeper level of compassion, meaning, and purpose in their lives. In his presentation Phil will explore the transcendent and healing potential of a psychological crisis, as well as the factors that can make the experience fearful and disabling. He will also touch on current neuroscience research that is exploring these transformative experiences initiated by meditation and psychedelics to address mental health issues.

The film screening will be followed by a 45 minute presentation by Phil Borges about the indigenous approach to mental illness.




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