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  • What Entheogens Are
  • Ways to Journey Well: Set, Setting, and Intention
  • The Sacramental Journey
  • Psychedelic Integration
  • The History of Shamanism and the Use of Entheogens in Antiquity
  • The Oppression and Suppression in Mainstream Cultures Worldwide
  • The Reconciliation of Opposites as an Archetypal Pathway That Is Seeded in the Morphemes of the English Language and the Entheogenic Experience
  • Law and Cosmic Order: The Culture and Legality of Psychedelics
  • Entheogenic Awakenings: First Person Accounts of a Spiritual Awakening Through the Use of Psychedelics
  • How Trauma and Addiction Get Healed with Psychedelics
  • Spirituality, Health, Religion, Sexuality, Psychology, and Creativity Through the Lens of the Unitive Experience
  • Entheogens as an Evolutionary Agent
  • The Science Behind It 


  • Iboga Saves: Ending the Opioid Epidemic
  • In the Mush Room with Shonagh Home (Coming Soon)
  • A Journey in Word by Jack Cross

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We're currently focused on IBOGA the entheogenic root bark that can interrupt opioid addiction in one dose. We will be posting articles, videos, and podcasts about ibogaine treatments.

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