Integrating Ibogaine for Opioid Addiction moderated by Jeff Kamlet MD, CMO of, Jul 25, 2022

integrating ibo 2.001

integrating ibo 2.001

07/25/2022  to 07/25/2022

08:30 pm to  10:30 pm

EST New York Time

We hosted this same topic last month but the 49 people who signed up on LinkedIn were unable to access the Zoom link so we are offering it again. Learn from an expert how to prepare for, navigate, and integrate a flood-dose ibogaine treatment for opioid addiction recovery. Jeffrey Kamlet MD, CMO of, an ibogaine clinic in MX, has decades of experience with administering clinical ibogaine treatments, and also has personal experience with the psychospiritual transformations that are a part of the entheogenic experience. Also joining us is Kaylyn Collett, a young mother who will share her personal journey of addiction recovery, a part of which we filmed for the Awake documentary currently in production Iboga Saves.

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